Static smoke curtains, automatic smoke curtains and automatic fire curtains are used in buildings to create a barrier which delays, controls or compartmentalises the spread of smoke or fire. This is a critical part of creating a protected means of escape for anyone within the building. 
Smoke is the greatest threat to life safety in a fire situation. In the event of a fire at a lower level, smoke will rise and enter the upper floors. This smoke will reduce visibility and cause occupants to be disorientated, and could result in deaths. By using Smoke Curtains with Smoke Ventilators and fresh air intake it is possible to ensure that the unaffected floors are protected. 
As fire safety regulations have increased, architectural requirements have become more demanding, and internal spaces are becoming larger, the use of automatic fire and smoke curtains has increased dramatically around the globe. 
Static Smoke Curtains 
Static smoke curtains are fixed in large open spaces, such as warehouses, factories and large retail stores, and are designed to compartmentalise any smoke that rises to the ceiling.  
This slows the spread of smoke, potentially limiting damage and allowing more time for evacuation. 
SD60 smoke curtains are totally gravity fail safe and incorporate the latest in electronic technology. As a result this is is one of the most advanced, yet cost effective systems on the market. Limit switch control has been replaced with current-limiting systems to determine the upper position of the curtain. 
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The 24v motor will retract the curtain until the bottom bar pulls against the underside of the head box. The current drawn by the motor will begin to rise, 
this will be detected by the motor control circuit and the supply will be 
stepped back to a holding voltage of approximately 4 volts. 
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