F&S Maintenance offer a range of Active Barrier Classifications as defined by BSEN13501-2 this includes an in-house manufactured E90 W20 for prompt, bespoke delivery and installation. Our manufactured products are also CE marked for quality assurance. 
We offer a range of fire and smoke curtains to fit the demands of any building. The automatic fire and smoke curtains we supply can be manufactured to any depth or width, making them the most flexible products on the market. 
We provide servery hatch fire curtains for use in restaurants and canteens, window fire curtains to protect buildings from any external fire threats, escalator and stairway fire and smoke curtains which deploy at varying times and depths to provide a protected means of escape, plus fire shutters and shop front fire protection. 
The fire and smoke curtains we install at F&S Maintenance are robust, elegant and unobtrusive and are available in single and multiple rollers, making them suitable for even the most complex building design.  
The products we use are the market-leaders in terms of quality, certification and aesthetics. 
They are also extensively tested and comply with every necessary regulation. We believe this makes them the most reliable on the market, resulting in lower life-time costs and fewer safety headaches. 
As we have installed, repaired, serviced and maintained the fire and safety equipment from all the major manufacturers we can offer an unbiased, expert advice about the best product for the job in hand. 

Our Smoke & Fire Barrier Products 

Automatic Fire 
Automatic Smoke 
Servery Hatch Fire Curtains 
Window Fire 
Static Smoke 
Escalator and Stairway Fire Curtains 
Fire Shutters 
Window Fire 
Shop Front Fire Protection 
Smoke and Fire Detection 
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